As everyone knows, I like a bit of maritime history and for me a lightship just ticks the box. Here in St Andrews Gardens sits another gem, the large red Light Vessel (LV) 21 built in 1963. It is a unique 40 metre steel-hulled lightship, the last of the renowned Philip & Son’s ships to be commissioned by Trinity House. LV21 saw most of her service off the Kent coast on the Varne, East Goodwin and Channel stations. In 1981 she was involved in the worst Light Vessel collision with the "Ore Meteor" in which the Light vessel survived. She was retired from service in 2008 and after a spell moored at Gillingham Pier she now has a new berth here in Gravesend. Quoting from the net "she is now used as a floating art space and performance facility, designed to provide a range of services promoting and supporting the creative industries while celebrating and honouring the maritime traditions of the vessel. LV21 is a unique venue with an individual and distinct identity, one of Kent’s prime platforms for cultural activities across diverse artistic disciplines".