We enter the coastal village of Bosham on Shore Road and it’s beautiful in the midday sun.  I love its salt washed sea walls, protecting the houses from the seasonal high tides. This little village has a lot of history, far too much to mention here. However the best pieces are that Bosham is mentioned by name on the Bayeux Tapestry, referring to the 1064 meeting of Harold and Edward the Confessor on the way to meet William of Normandy to discuss who would succeed Edward to the throne. Tradition holds that Emperor Vespasian maintained a residence in Bosham, although there is no evidence of this. The best for me is that King Canute (Cnut the Great) commanded the waves to “go back” at Bosham, so as to demonstrate to his overly deferential courtiers the limits of a King’s powers and lastly there is also a legend that around this time Bosham Church was plundered by Danish pirates, who stole the tenor bell. As the pirate ship sailed away, the remaining church bells were rung. The tenor bell miraculously joined in, destroying the ship. The bell is still said to ring beneath the waters whenever the other bells are rung. You have got to love all this from this tiny village which must have played a bigger part in our historical past. Its location then as beautiful as it is today.